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22 May 2024 | Book now

Explore Sociology at our Taster Afternoon

Sociology is an immersive journey into the heart of humanity and the complexities of human nature.

If you're interesting in learning about the social forces that shape our lives, then save your place at a Sociology Taster Afternoon on 22 May 2024.

You'll explore where you could go with a Sociology degree at Portsmouth, and classical theories of human behaviour, such as happiness and emotional wellbeing, love and relationships, and the social construction of race.

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At our Sociology Taster Afternoon

get ready to:

  • Delve into captivating sessions that cover key sociological concepts; from love and relationships to gender socialisation code
  • Challenge your perspectives and explore the many layers that make up society
  • Uncover how sociology helps us to understand different social worlds and confronts assumptions on social structures
  • Connect with passionate sociology lecturers who will share their insights and expertise in the field
  • Explore where degrees in Sociology could lead to including social care, local government and marketing 
  • Quiz our current students on their time at Portsmouth including degree options and the fun side of University
  • Gain useful experience that you can you write about on your UCAS personal statement

Explore courses in Sociology

Taster Day location and meeting point

We'll meet at Park Building, King Henry I Street, PO1 2DZ. Look out for our students in purple T-shirts who'll help direct you.

If you're arriving by coach or minibus, we recommend parking on Museum Road, Portsmouth which is just outside of the Ravelin Sports Centre. For more information on checking in and how to get here, take a look at our guide to taster days page.


Check-in from 12.45pm in Park Building, King Henry I Street, PO1 2DZ.

Get an overview of what you'll be exploring on your Taster Afternoon and the careers that a degree in Sociology could lead to.

Happiness & Emotional Wellbeing: Are They Actually Achievable In Today's Society? 

What does 'happy' actually look like? What does it mean to have emotional wellbeing?

This hands-on lecture will consider the concepts of happiness and wellbeing, and how knowledge from the social sciences can be used to better understand them. 

You'll also explore the ways in which a range of sociological theories can be used to understand our feelings about ourselves and the world we live in.

Quick breather ready for the next session, with a chance to chat with students and lecturers at the University of Portsmouth.

The social construction of 'race'

Patricia Gilbert looks at decoding the enigma of racial categories and hierarchies in society.

Unpick the threads that weave through society, making sense of the intricate web of racial dynamics.

We invite you to finish the day to ask questions of our lecturers and current students.

You could ask anything from Sociology modules studied, the transition from college to uni, moving away from home, finances - and/or whatever you might want to know about uni.