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Subject talks for year 10-13 pupils

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Globally responsible, committed to solving problems and enriching people's lives. Our researchers aim to make a lasting difference and impact in the world.

Bring year 10-13 students closer to this research with our subject videos and talks. Alongside academics, they’ll explore a variety of different subject areas, including how we’re delivering globally significant research excellence.

Perfect for either a tutor-time activity, or to supplement a lesson, sessions are available to download and request now.

Each talk gives your students an insight into an area of expertise, why it’s so important, and routes into working in the field.

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Cosmology and Gravitation – The LISA Project

Year 10-11
LISA (Laser Interferometer Space Antenna) is a space-borne gravitational wave observatory used to discover parts of the universe invisible by other means.

Looking at things like supermassive black hole binaries and extreme mass ratios in spirals, the aim is to enhance knowledge about the beginning, evolution and structure of our universe.

Hear from Connor Weaving, PhD Student, to explore ways of finding these signals hidden in the LISA data.

Resources needed: a ruler.
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Physics – The Omniplosion of the universe

Year 10-11
Joseph Jackson, PhD Student, dives into research explaining how the largest structures in the universe originally came from the smallest possible scales: quantum fluctuations.

Expand on your pupils' GCSE Physics knowledge and give them a taste of the exciting areas research could take them – from the theorised rapid expansion of space in the early universe, and how it may have shaped the Universe we see today.
The Omniplosion of the universe
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Health Sciences – Urinary incontinence in children

Year 12-13
Urinary Incontinence is a common problem among young children and elderly people. As many as 30% of children under 5 in the UK are affected.

Rachel Odunmbaku, PhD Student in Clinical Urology, explores the causes and innovative treatments for these conditions, and ways to break the stigma around urinary incontinence.
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Geography – Adaptive thermal comfort

Year 10-11
Hear from Mak Okay-Ikenegbu, PhD Student in Built Environment, and his research into the environmental conditions of low-cost buildings in tropic climates, with the aim of making them more comfortable to live in.

Mak’s talk includes several interactive activities to get your students thinking about the Psychological, Physiological and Behavioural reactions to different climates.
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Computing – Education Technology

Year 10-11
The pandemic highlighted the power of education technology in our ability to learn and use remote hybrid learning practices.

Hear from Rubie Targema-Takema, PhD Student, who’s researching why Education Technology is important and how to develop and influence effective educational technology policies for countries.
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