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Subject talks for year 10-13 pupils

Showcase a variety of subject areas and the impact of world-leading research in your classroom

Globally responsible, committed to solving problems and enriching people's lives. Our researchers aim to make a lasting difference and impact in the world.

Bring year 10-13 students closer to this research with our subject videos and talks. Alongside academics, they’ll explore a variety of different subject areas, including how we’re delivering globally significant research excellence.

Perfect for either a tutor-time activity, or to supplement a lesson, sessions are available to download and request now. Each talk gives your students an insight into an area of expertise, and why it’s so important.

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Researchers in the Classroom
Bring university researchers into your classroom

Pursuing bold ideas to help tomorrow take shape. Bring our innovative work into your classroom together with our academics, and shine a light on your students' favourite subjects.

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If you’re also interested in having a University of Portsmouth researcher come into your school to deliver a talk on their research, please let us know on the form and we’ll get back to you.