We’re looking forward to meeting you at our Postgraduate Virtual Open Evening.

Here are some useful hints and tips to make sure you get the most out of your visit.

You can access the event from 3.30pm on Wednesday 2 February. We’ll email you the link to the email address that you used to book your place.

The technical bit

Our event is hosted on a series of web pages that contain a wide range of live webinars and chat booths, all of which are hosted in Zoom. These live activities are complemented by a wealth of on-demand content that you can browse at your leisure. Much of our on-demand video content is hosted on Vimeo or YouTube.  

To ensure you get the best experience from the event, we advise that you join using a desktop or laptop computer. You can still join on a tablet or from a smartphone, you may just find that it’s not so easy to navigate between the web and Zoom elements.

How does Zoom work? 

Much like other virtual meeting tools, Zoom is easy and intuitive to use. Each of our chat booths, course talks, Q&As and core webinars will have a dedicated Zoom room that you can enter to interact with a specific team or member of staff.

You won’t need to have registered an account with Zoom or set up a profile. Simply click on the ‘Speak to us now in Zoom’ or ‘Join the live webinar’ and you’ll be taken into the relevant Zoom booth. 

You may find yourself in a waiting room, please just wait for our staff to let you in. This shouldn’t take more than a few minutes and allows our staff to wrap up their conversation with the previous visitor. 

To engage with us, you may want to use your device's camera and microphone, or if you prefer, you can use the chat function to type your questions for us. It’s up to you how you interact, we don’t mind if you’d rather not turn your camera on. 

Zoom has a function that allows users to set up breakout rooms for smaller or one-to-one discussions within the booth. It may be that the host will invite you to join a specific breakout room to speak with an individual Course Leader, or to facilitate answering a more private question. In this scenario, Zoom will generate simple instructions for you to enter the relevant breakout room. 

Our Postgraduate Virtual Open Evening Schedule

LIVE | Live course webinars and chat booths

A number of our Course Leaders have opted to deliver a live webinar, followed by a group Q&A. On the night of the event, you'll find links here to your chosen course: to join a session, simply click on the course link just before the scheduled start time, and you’ll be taken to a dedicated Zoom session. You’re still welcome to join sessions late, but please just be aware that you may have missed some content and in that case, it might be better to save your questions until the end.

Want to ask a question? Once the speaker has delivered their introduction they’ll explain how you can interact using your microphone or chat function in Zoom.

LIVE | Information hub (from 4.00pm-7.00pm)

We understand you’ll have a whole list of questions, not just about the course you’re applying to. Whether you want to know more about how you’ll fund your study, where you’ll live, or the extra support available to you during your course, our student support teams are ready and waiting to speak to you on a one-to-one basis.

On the night of the event, simply click on your areas of interest from the list below, and you’ll be taken through to a Zoom booth where our staff and students are waiting to meet you.


LIVE | Core webinars

Choosing to study a postgrad degree is a life-changing decision. So it can feel daunting. But we can help with that. On the night of the event, you'll be able to get all the advice, insight and answers you need at our live sessions. They’re interactive, so you can ask any questions you have. Or simply listen in on topics like student finance, how to apply, and how postgrad study could enhance your career. 

All webinars start at 4.30pm and 6.30pm, and run for 30 minutes.

How to apply

Our Admissions team will explain our application process step-by-step, highlighting key considerations and timescales. You'll have the opportunity to ask questions on completion of the talk. Alternatively, drop into the Admissions booth, in the Information Hub.

Funding your postgraduate study

Our in-house Student Finance Centre team will provide an overview of the available funding options, application processes and repayment. You'll have the opportunity to ask questions on completion of the talk. Alternatively, drop into the Student Finance Centre booth, in the Information Hub.

Postgraduate study and your career

Our in-house Careers team will discuss how to get the best from your postgraduate study experience, in order to advance your career. You'll have the opportunity to ask questions on completion of the talk. Alternatively, drop into the Careers and Employability booth, in the Information Hub.

International applicants - Your visa journey

Our International Advice team will provide advice and guidance on immigration visa information, and also highlight the support available to international students while studying with us.

LIVE | Chat to our students

Studying with us is a great choice, and there's no better proof than the success of our students. Hear their stories, and ask them all your burning questions to find out what it’s really like to be a Portsmouth postgrad. You can join a scheduled Q&A panel at 5.00pm or 6.00pm, or drop into our Research Degrees or Student Lounge booths at a time that suits you, between 4.00pm-7.00pm.


Research degrees

Call into this booth to talk to current PhD students about their experience of studying a research degree here at Portsmouth. 

Student lounge

Stop by our Student Lounge booth at a convenient time for you. A mix of students are waiting to meet you and chat about all things postgrad.

5.00pm-5.30pm and 6.00pm-6.30pm

Student panel

Our students will be sharing their experiences of postgrad study here at Portsmouth. You'll be invited to ask your questions about Master’s or research study, live to the panel.

Preparing for the event


  • Find out which Faculty Hub you need to visit

To locate a course representative or to join a live course or subject webinar, you’ll need to make your way to your Faculty Hub. If you’re unsure which of our five faculties your course sits under, please call into the Help Desk and we’ll be happy to confirm this to you. If you are interested in a Research Degree (PhD, MPhil or Professional Doctorate) please visit the Research Degrees booth.


  • Find out how we can help if you get stuck

If you need a little help – or just want some tips on how to get the most out of your open evening experience – stop by our Help Desk and one of the team will point you in the right direction. Another top tip is to make use of our ‘quick links’ at the top of the homepage, to navigate your way round the event.


  • Remember to check out our student support and professional services

Our Information Hub is where you’ll find all the support and professional services, and details around who is available for you to speak with. By clicking on a specific service, you’ll be taken to their Zoom booth.


  • Prepare some questions for our current postgraduate students 

Our postgrads are on-hand throughout the evening to answer your questions, whatever they may be. Head on into either the Research Degrees or Student Lounge booths, where you’ll meet a range of current Master’s and Research degree students. 


  • Check the timings for your chosen scheduled course talk

Scheduled talks are the best place to find out all you need to know about your chosen course. Don't worry if you miss the scheduled talk, though: you can always visit your Faculty Hub where one of the team will be able to answer your questions, and put you in touch with your course representative at another time convenient to you. 


  • Any questions?

For all other Open Evening queries – particularly if you have a question to ask before the live event starts – please email postgraduate@port.ac.uk.