Cluster Leader: Professor Stephen Savage

The Policing, Crime and Forensic Investigation Cluster is a multi-disciplinary umbrella for research on policing, probation and criminal and forensic investigation. As well as staff from the School of Criminology and Criminal Justice (SCCJ), the Cluster includes staff from the School of Law, the Portsmouth Business School (forensic accounting) and the Department of Psychology, all of whom are part of the University of Portsmouth’s ‘Forensics Forum’.


  • Policing
  • Investigative interviewing and evidence (see also the Centre of Forensic Interviewing)
  • Masculinities and offending behaviour
  • Miscarriages of justice
  • Police accountability, governance and police reform
  • Police management and police leadership
  • Private policing and plural policing
  • Professional cultures in inter-professional contexts
  • Policing hate crime
  • Policing domestic violence
  • Police training and development
  • Police Intelligence
  • Public protection and MAPPA