The adoption of the Minimata treaty means the use of dental amalgam is gradually being withdrawn in the UK. Concepts in cavity preparation have also changed since the days of GV Black.

On this course, you'll consider new concepts of cavity preparation design, including what to remove and what to leave with regards to carious dentine, and the suitable materials to produce direct restorations.

Course Details


  • Mode of study: Face to face
  • Duration: 6 hours, (9.00am - 4.45pm)
  • Location: Dental Academy, William Beatty Building, Hampshire Terrace, Portsmouth, PO1 2QG
  • Start and end dates: 12 April 2019


  • £215

What You'll Experience

On this short course you'll cover:

  • up to date thoughts on cavity preparation and design
  • the suitable materials available for direct restorations
  • how to use the materials and techniques to carry out effective direct restorations
  • hands-on experience in cavity preparations and direct restorations
  • Development Outcomes: C


You'll be taught by Michael Thomas, Senior Teaching Fellow and Specialist Clinical Teacher, department of Conservative & MI Dentistry, KCL Dental Institute at Guy’s Hospital.