Our specialist Etching and Letterpress facilities are used by students of illustration, graphic design and creative writing, for lino printing, wood cuts. and monoprinting.

Students are required to take an induction session run by a member of staff before they can use the facilities. Students are provided with ink, but are expected to purchase their own zinc sheets, to use as etching plates.

Equipment and rooms

Etching Room equipment

  • 3 etching presses — simple printing presses that use a strong acid to cut a design into a metal surface
  • Stone bath — to wash the metal surfaces and designs after use
  • Hot plates — to apply grounds in copper etching and to fuse toner onto polyester plates
  • Rollers, ink and inking bays — provided by us for students to use in their printmaking
  • Offset lithopress — used for large scale monoprinting and transferring ink based designs onto paper
  • Paper drill — to create precise punctures in paper
  • Plate preparation room — with etching tool and acid baths for preparing printing plates

Letter Press Printmaking equipment

  • Movable type with metal and wooden letter types — to create your own type face
  • Galley proofing press — to create penultimate proofs before setting into the page of a book
  • Adana printing press — a small, iconic British-made vertical printing press, famous for being virtually indestructible
  • Cutting machines — for students to make their own wood types
  • Albion press — a hand operated printing press used since 1812 for letter pressing and book printing

Where to find us

Etching and letterpress

Eldon Building
Winston Churchill Avenue

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