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Led by our Faculty of Business and Law, we've been supporting our business partners and local enterprises during the Coronavirus pandemic as an active member of the Solent business community.

By working together, we believe we can help our business community survive this period of uncertainty.

COVID-19 business support initiatives

We're running several initiatives to give businesses in the Solent region access to our expertise, resources and networks.

1. Small Business Leadership Programme

We're offering a free, 8-week leadership training programme to help small to medium size businesses survive and grow. 

2. Weekly #BusinessTalk webinars

During the summer of 2020 we delivered weekly webinars to discuss COVID-19 business-related issues. We brought together academics and industry specialists to answer your questions on topics such as how to manage teams remotely, and how to reassure customers you can operate efficiently during this period of upheaval. 

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3. Business needs analysis

We're designing a tool to aggregate data on the evolving and emerging business needs of the Solent Region in relation to the Coronavirus outbreak.

We will publish our analysis of this data. We hope that our analysis will be used by business, support organisations and local authorities across the region to focus attention where it is most needed.

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