Congratulations! You've done it!

You're now part of the Portsmouth Alumni Community

Your hard work, determination and resilience have paid off and will continue to pay off for the rest of your life. You're among a very special group of graduates, setting out at a unique moment in history. Your University community is here to support you now and wherever your journey takes you.

You’ll always be part of Portsmouth. Welcome to your alumni community. Make the most of your alumni community by ensuring your details are up-to-date.

But first, take time to enjoy this special moment and a film that celebrates you and your achievement.

Celebrating you

Take a few minutes to embrace your achievement and find out about your alumni community.

Graham Galbraith: My name is Graham Galbraith and as Vice Chancellor of the University of Portsmouth I want to take this opportunity today to say a big well done and congratulations for what you have achieved.

Karen Blackett: Hi, I’m Karen Blackett. I am the Chancellor of the University of Portsmouth and I have the great pleasure of saying congratulations. Lots of hard work, I have no doubt, has got you through to today, so well done. All of that hard work has to be recognised and you have to spend some time pausing and taking stock of exactly what you have achieved.

Graham Galbraith: What you have achieved is quite extraordinary. You’ve worked hard over many years with dedication and you have achieved your degree qualification. And you've done so during quite extraordinarily difficult times of profound change.

Karen Blackett: You are now one of over 250,000 graduates from the University, just like myself. And your journey with the University does not end here. We want to ensure that we stay in touch with you, that you get careers advice, that you get mentoring and you get all the help that you need ready for your next stage of your journey whatever that may be.

Graham Galbraith: We want to know what you’re achieving. We want to know the great things that you are doing. And, of course, we want to support you on your journey through life.

Karen Blackett: If you haven’t secured or decided what your next step is, it’s absolutely fine. Just take time and please make sure that you spend today just recognising exactly what you have achieved. You’re part of that global family and you always will be.

Graham Galbraith: Celebrate all your hard work and reflect on the many memories that you will have of life at the University. And, of course, reflect on the person that you have become.

Thank you very much for entrusting those precious years of your life to the University of Portsmouth.


We’re so excited to celebrate with you! Here’s up-to-date information about the big day.

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