The role of an External Examiner is to ensure that awards granted are comparable in standard to those of other higher education institutions, that national subject threshold standards are complied with, and the treatment of students is equitable and consistent. External Examiners are independent and impartial advisers, providing informative comment on standards and quality and student achievement in relation to those standards. This is achieved by sampling students’ work and reporting on the operation of procedures and processes. Specific responsibilities are to:

  • Ensure assessment information is clearly articulated and understood by students 

  • Confirm the assessment process is appropriate, fair, consistent and in line with policies and procedures

  • Ensure the aims, objectives and learning outcomes are appropriate and comparable to threshold requirements

  • Confirm standards and student performance are comparable with that of other institutions

  • Confirm the currency, relevance and coherence of the curriculum

  • Report on academic standards and quality and highlight good practice and innovation 

Useful documents for external examiners

Please ensure you email your completed External Examiner Fee and Expenses Claim Form to your Academic Department. Please see Contact details below. Your fee and expenses will be paid upon receipt of your Annual Report.

Academic Standards, Quality and Partnership (ASQP)

The Academic Standards, Quality and Partnerships (ASQP) team manages the External Examiner appointment process and maintains relevant records. Responsibilities include:

  • ensuring proposals comply with the University's regulations and procedures

  • maintaining and managing central records

  • managing the receipt and dissemination of external examiner reports

  • Organising and delivering induction events

The University's academic departments liaise with external examiners regarding academic matters and remuneration.

Induction seminars

ASQP design and deliver External Examiner Induction Seminars annually which provides information on roles, responsibilities, regulations and procedures. The event also offers the opportunity to meet with other external examiners as well as academic colleagues. External Examiners may also be invited to attend an induction event with the relevant academic department/school.

For those who are unable to attend an Induction Seminar there is an online version on Moodle, the University’s virtual learning environment. All External Examiners will be able to access Moodle once the Induction Seminar invitations are sent. 

Online drop-in sessions

ASQP also hold a number online drop in sessions to support external examiners at key points during the year. 

Contact details

For academic, administrative and fee queries, please contact the Academic Contact or Assessment and Awards Manager detailed in your appointment documentation. The Department details are:

Faculty of Business and Law

Department/School Assessment and Awards Manager Email Address
Accounting and Financial Management Sue Moore

Generalist Business Sue Moore

Economics and Finance Sue Moore

School of Law Sue Moore

Marketing Sue Moore

Organisation Studies and Human Resource Management Sue Moore

Operations and Systems Management Sue Moore

Strategy, Enterprise and Innovation Sue Moore

Faculty of Creative and Cultural Industries

Department/School Assessment and Awards Manager Email Address
Portsmouth School of Architecture Sam Lyons

School of Art Design and Performance Sam Lyons

School of Film, Media and Communication Sam Lyons

School of Creative Technologies Sam Lyons

Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

Department/School Assessment and Awards Manager Email Address
School of Criminology and Criminal Justice Jon Hewitson

School of Education and Sociology Jon Hewitson

School of Area Studies, History, Politics and Literature Imogen Jeffery

School of Languages and Applied Linguistics Imogen Jeffery

Faculty of Science and Health

Department/School Assessment and Awards Manager Email Address
School of Biological Sciences Frances Hayes

School of Health and Care Professions Frances Hayes

School of Pharmacy and Biomedical Sciences Frances Hayes

Department of Psychology Frances Hayes

School of the Environment, Geography and Geosciences Wendy Bowen

Dental Academy Wendy Bowen

School of Sport, Health and Exercise Science Wendy Bowen

Faculty of Technology

Department/School Assessment and Awards Manager Email Address
School of Civil Engineering and Surveying Hannah Harris

School of Computing Hannah Harris

School of Mechanical and Design Engineering Hannah Harris

School of Maths and Physics Hannah Harris

Learning at Work Mandy Strahan

Cross support office

Department/School Assessment and Awards Manager Email Address
Cross Faculty Support Office Caroline Kerr

For queries about your appointment please email

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