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Committee minutes and documents

Find out more about our Board of Governors' committees

The University conducts its work through a number of committees which report back into the main Board of Governors:

  • Audit and Risk Committee
  • Infrastructure and Finance Committee
  • People, Culture and Engagement Committee
  • Remuneration Committee for Senior Post Holders
  • Remuneration Committee for Vice Chancellor
  • Nominations Committee
  • Exceptional and Urgent Approval Committee

Agendas, minutes and other related documentation can be found for each committee below.

Audit and Risk Committee

The Audit and Risk Committee’s reviews the effectiveness of the University’s financial and other internal control systems, and provides assurance to the Board of Governors that suitable and robust arrangements are in place to promote efficiency and effective risk management.

The Committee provides the Board of Governors with assurance that the University’s academic governance and quality assurance processes are fit-for-purpose, and comply with all requisite standards. It reviews the scope and effectiveness of the work of the internal and external auditors, and advises the Board of Governors on their appointment.

The Committee also reviews regulatory requirements and the University’s annual financial statements and accounting policies.

Infrastructure and Finance Committee

The Infrastructure and Finance Committee supports and guides the delivery of the University’s ambitions through high-level scrutiny and constructive advice – and by making decisions that have a strategic impact on the University’s infrastructure and finances.

The Committee takes a “whole system” approach to ensure that all aspects of infrastructure and finance are explored holistically – taking into account the connectivity, synergy and mutual dependency of all the activities within its remit.

The Committee aims to be proactive and innovative in the way that it seeks to add value to the University’s success and to the continued attainment of its strategic objectives.

People, Culture and Engagement Committee

The People, Culture and Engagement Committee guides and supports the delivery of the University Strategy by overseeing and evaluating how the University utilises and enhances the skills, experience and behaviours of staff to create and sustain a University-wide culture of ambition, high performance and active engagement.

Vice Chancellor’s Remuneration Committee and Senior Postholders' Remuneration Committee

These committees determine the annual remuneration of the Vice-Chancellor and other senior post-holders, as required by the University’s Articles of Government. The Remuneration Committees publish an annual report that provides a summary of its deliberations over the year.

Nominations Committee

The Nominations Committee reviews the composition, skills and attributes of the Board and its committees, and makes recommendations for Board appointments.

The Committee also advises on other independent member matters – including recruitment and succession strategies; recruitment processes for the Chair, Deputy Chair and Committee Chairs and their respective duties; project board membership; committee membership; training and development needs; performance review; and terms of office.

Exceptional and Urgent Approvals Group

The Exceptional and Urgent Approvals Group considers the granting of exceptional approval for matters which, due to their urgency, should not be deferred until the next meeting of the Board of Governors, and which are not suitable for action under normal delegated authority – such as issues posing significant financial or reputational risk.