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Professional services departments

Find out more about the teams and departments who support the work the University does

Our Professional Services teams work with students, staff and partners to provide the best experiences and services.

They oversee the quality of our teaching, manage the administration of every aspect of our student's academic life, help us hire and develop our staff, tell the world about who we are and what we do, and keep us up-to-date with our legal and ethical commitments.

Find out more about the teams behind-the-scenes at the University of Portsmouth.

Academic Registry

Academic Registry guide academic and professional services staff in various areas, including university academic policies and regulations, institutional and national quality assurance matters, academic and student outcomes management information, and the development of degree apprenticeship and collaborative partnership arrangements. Academic Registry supports the following areas:

  • Portfolio approval, modification and closure
  • Course and module annual monitoring and review
  • Course structure and module changes
  • Academic policies and regulations, including examination and assessment regulations
  • External Examining arrangements
  • Academic appeals
  • Student misconduct
  • Degree apprenticeship approval, continuous enhancement and review
  • Collaborative programmes 
  • University academic committees

For more information about any of the topics mentioned above, please email academicregistry@port.ac.uk

Academic Services

Academic Services provide support to academic staff, students and enquirers – ranging from admissions to graduation. Other areas include:

  • Student records
  • Academic administration and services
  • Compliance with UKVI regulations
  • Timetabling
  • Management of student records
  • External statutory returns

For more information about any of the topics mentioned above, please email academicservices@port.ac.uk

Careers and Employability Service

Our Careers and Employability Service provides our students and graduates with all of the careers and employment support they need during and after their time with us.

We support our students with information and connections for work experience, volunteering, part-time jobs, placements and graduate jobs. We also provide students with guidance on further study and how to start their own business.

For more information about our work in careers and employability, please email us at careers@port.ac.uk.

Corporate Governance

Our Corporate Governance team is responsible for many of the administrative duties outside of our academic standards and responsibilities, which includes:

  • Student complaints
  • Risk management and business continuity
  • Information governance
  • Internal audit
  • Insurance and all legal and contracting services
  • Measuring and improving our quality and standards
  • Sustainability
  • Data protection
  • Records management
  • Freedom of information requests
  • Addressing the gender pay gap

Visit our corporate governance page for more information about the work we're doing.

Equality and Diversity

The Equality and Diversity team is committed to creating a working, learning, cultural and social environment that is based on dignity and respect. This team is based in Human Resources.

This includes overseeing our equality, diversity and access policies, as well as providing support and guidance for students around gender identity and expression, parenting, and religious practice. The team also helps host our annual Global Week, and supports on campus activities such as Pride.

You can find more information about our work on our dedicated equality and diversity page.

Estates and Campus Services

Our Estates and Campus Services team is responsible for the construction and maintenance of the University's estate.

This includes caretaking duties, security, cleaning, refuse and recycling, grounds maintenance, disposal of electronic and confidential waste, archiving, postal services, car parking and transport. The department also oversees our ambitious £400m Estates Masterplan.

For more information about our work in estates – or to contact us about any of the topics mentioned above – please email us at estates.helpdesk@port.ac.uk.


Our Finance Department delivers financial services, professional management and financial advice to the University, and provides key support in helping the University achieve its ambitions.

The department provides administrative support to the rest of our staff, helps make the most of the money we spend, and ensures the proper financial standards, ethics and controls are followed across the University.

For more information, please email us at finance.system@port.ac.uk.


Our Global team supports our international students, manages our overseas partnerships and is responsible for the recruitment of new students to the University from outside the UK.

The team oversees our exchange and study abroad programmes, provides visa advice to students, and markets the University to our overseas audiences.

For more information about our work in the Global team, please email global@port.ac.uk.

Health and Safety

Our Health and Safety Office advises and assists our senior governance in maintaining the health, safety and welfare of staff, students, contractors and members of the public.

The team helps our governors and the University Executive Board (UEB) to anticipate, recognise and manage health and safety risks, assess exposure to hazards and develop smart, sustainable strategies that keep everyone safe and healthy.

For more information – or to contact us with any health and safety concerns or queries – please email hsservicedesk@port.ac.uk.

Human Resources (HR)

Our Human Resources department takes care of employees and maximises the efficiency of the organisation.

From financial and legal matters to staffing needs, pay, benefits and learning and development, the HR department makes sure that the right people are in the right places with their needs met.

Find out how to apply for a role with us today, or for more information about our work in human resources email peopleenquiries@port.ac.uk.

Library and Information Services (LIS)

Our Library and Information Services supports all staff and students of the University in accessing and utilising information resources. This includes:

Information Services (IS)

Our Information Services (IS) team provides digital technologies, services, facilities and support for all staff and students of the University. The department also oversees the University’s Digital Masterplan to support digital transformation and innovation.

The IS team sets up staff with the equipment they need to do their job, provides and supports computing equipment for use by students, gives ongoing technical support to staff and students, and offers security advice through their online blog.

For more information about our work in information services and support – or to contact us with an IS fault, question or concern – please visit our Contact IT Support page.


Our University Library provides integrated library and information services for our students and staff, and is open 24 hours a day during term-time.

The Library offers support and space for solo studying, group work and research projects. Research assistance, library skills drop-in sessions and specialist librarians are also available, alongside access to electronic resources and print books. We also offer services to members of the public.

Please visit the library website to find out more about our services and support and how to contact us.

Marketing, Advancement and Communications

The Marketing, Advancement and Communications Department offers a complete in-house service to promote the University.

The work of the department includes internal and external communications, press and public relations, education liaison and market research.

For more information about our work in marketing and communications, please email us at marketingadmincentral@port.ac.uk.

Occupational Health Service

Our Occupational Health Service provides advice to managers and individuals on work-related health problems, and assists with making any adjustments that might support our employees.

You can contact our Occupational Health Service with any concerns or questions by calling +44 (0)23 9284 3187 or by emailing occupationalhealth@port.ac.uk.


Our Planning team reports to the Vice-Chancellor and leads the development of University Strategy and delivery plans in collaboration with UEB and Governors. The team can provide guidance on related issues including strategic and financial planning, performance monitoring, and our Access and Participation Plan . The Planning team also leads on policy work for the University, guiding how we can influence and respond to new policy developments.

For more information about our work in planning, please email us at planning@port.ac.uk.

Research and Innovation Services (RIS)

The Research and Innovation Services department (RIS) supports the University's research staff. It promotes the work of our researchers, and works with external organisations to deliver collaborative research projects, and research services to businesses and organisations.

For more information about our work in research and innovation services, please email us at ris@port.ac.uk.

Sport and Recreation

The Sport and Recreation team oversees health and fitness memberships for staff, students and the public, the equipment, facilities and classes on offer, university sports clubs and associated memberships, sport scholarships, sports club committee training and CPD and community outreach programs.

Please visit our sport and recreation website to find out more.

Student Support Services

The Student Support Services teams oversee all non academic related support for student mental health, wellbeing, welfare, pastoral and safeguarding. Working in partnership with colleagues in faculties and other professional services, the teams delivering this wide reaching support and guidance to the whole university community are:

  • ASK
  • Chaplaincy
  • Reslife
  • Student Centre Team (MyPort)
  • Student Finance
  • Student Life
  • Student Wellbeing Service

Find out more about our work on our dedicated guidance and support page.

University Admissions Centre (UAC)

The University Admissions Centre (UAC) processes, organises and maintains all our applications, entry requirements and course information.

The department's responsibilities include processing applications across course levels and subject areas, working with external bodies like the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS), delivering applicant interviews and tests, organising confirmation, and overseeing our clearing activities.

To contact our admissions team about any of the topics listed above, please email admissions@port.ac.uk.