1. Eligible students 

1.1 The financial scholarship is an award of up to £4,000 open to students who meet all of the following criteria:

  • A family income of £25,000pa or less.
  • From any of the following ethnic groups: Black, African, Caribbean or Black British. Mixed or multiple ethnic groups including, White and Black Caribbean, White and Black African and any other Black, African or Caribbean background.
  • Accept an offer from the University as your firm choice to study an eligible full-time campus-based undergraduate course, starting in October 2022.
  • Be embarking on your first undergraduate degree and entering Higher Education for the first time in 2022.
  • Be a UK student who is liable for the UK rate of tuition fees (EU, International and Channel Islands students are not eligible to receive the Scholarship).
  • Be willing to act as a champion for the University to encourage future students to progress to Higher Education. This may involve sharing your story or experiences of studying at Portsmouth to use in our promotion of the University, or for encouraging donors to give to the fund, so that we are able to continue to provide scholarships.
  • Provide evidence to the satisfaction of the University that you meet the criteria for the scholarship.
  • Agree that your details will be shared for reporting purposes with Santander Universities UK, who are part-funding the scholarship.

1.2 There is a limited number of scholarships, so student eligibility does not guarantee that students will receive an award. Students will need to apply for the scholarship and successful applicants will be selected by our scholarship panel.

2. Eligible courses 

2.1 Only full-time, campus-based, undergraduate courses are eligible. These are BEng (Hons), BSc (Econ) (Hons), BN (Hons), BSc (Hons), BA (Hons), LLB (Hons) courses only. Top up courses, degree apprenticeships and distance learning courses are not eligible.

2.2 Students must have completed their registration onto year 1 of their course to receive the Scholarship.

2.3 Students awarded the Scholarship will receive a £1,500 scholarship in the first taught year, £1,000 in their second taught year and £1,000 in their final taught year .

2.4 Students awarded the scholarship will receive a reduced placement bursary payment of £500 during their placement year (this includes study abroad years).

2.5 The list of eligible courses is subject to approval, modifications, closure and suspensions. 

3. Academic criteria 

3.1 Applicants must meet specific course entry criteria for their course.

3.2 Scholarship payments will not be made in repeat years. 

4. Application process 

4.1 Applicants will need to complete the scholarship application in order to be considered. 

4.2 As part of scholarship application, students will need to answer 5 written questions outlining the impact the scholarship will have on you, your education and your future aspirations 

4.3 Decisions on the award of the scholarship will be made by a University Scholarship Panel. Decisions will be based on the eligibility criteria and the scholarship application.

4.4 The panel’s decision is final and the panel shall not be obliged to provide reasons for their decisions.

4.5 The scholarship payment is subject to students registering and providing their bank details. The University of Portsmouth will inform successful applicants of how and when these payments will be made at the earliest available opportunity. It is expected that Scholarship payments will be awarded in 2 instalments at the start of teaching block one and two.

5. Operational terms and conditions 

5.1 Scholarships will be made to successful students on eligible courses, subject to the availability of the limited awards.

5.2 The scholarship will be paid into a bank account chosen by the student and scholarship payment is subject to students providing their bank details. 

5.3 Successful applicants will be notified by email within 2 months of the closing date for applications,  including details of when payments will be made.

5.4 Successful applicants will be required to fully register onto each year of their course to remain eligible for the scholarship. This entails completing the online registration form and providing original evidence of their personal identity in accordance with University regulations, and paying the residual balance of any fees. Any extension to become fully registered onto the course will need to be requested through the late registration process. If this does not happen students will become ineligible to receive the scholarship.

5.5 Students who withdraw from their studies before receiving full payment of the award will become ineligible for the scholarship. No extenuating circumstances will be taken into consideration.

5.6 Students who transfer to an ineligible course before receiving full payment of the award will become ineligible for the scholarship.

5.7 Applicants who receive the scholarship will still be entitled to apply for student loans, bursaries and other scholarships, subject to their eligibility.

5.8 The University’s decision on the allocation of the scholarship in accordance with these terms and conditions is final. There is no appeal process.