Our insurance policies cover a wide range of activities conducted at the University of Portsmouth.

From educational, research and trading needs, this page contains information about the University Insurance arrangements for our staff, students and corporate liability requirements.

The information below only aims to give a general overview of the principle policies held and are in no way a definitive guide.

For further information about our Insurance arrangements, you can contact the insurance team by email, or call us on +44 (0)2392 843308.

Insurance policies

We provide travel insurance at no additional cost for staff and students travelling overseas on approved University trips.

The policy covers those studying or working abroad for up to 1 year.

This insurance provides comprehensive cover including:

  • Unlimited Emergency Medical Expenses (including Covid related medical expenses)
  • 24 hour assistance helpline
  • Baggage cover, including laptops
  • Cover if forced to cancel trip or return home early
  • Personal liability cover if you are sued
  • Personal Accident cover

There is a £50 policy excess for most claims.

For Overseas University Trips Departing after 1 May 2022

AIG is the appointed University Insurer. Evidence of cover for visa purposes can be found below:

The full policy wording and policy schedule detail all terms and conditions.

For Overseas University Trips Departing prior to 1 May 2022

RSA will continue to provide insurance for trips that departed prior to 1 May 2022.

For more information please see our summary of insurance cover for staff and students. The full policy wording and policy schedule detail all terms and conditions.

Emergencies and claims

Healix International are appointed to provide assistance in the event of an emergency (e.g. accident, illness, lost travel documents, political unrest)

The best way to contact Healix is through the Healix Sentinal Travel Oracle App. Alternatively please call the operations centre on +44 (0) 2080 573 958.

How do I download the Healix Sentinel Travel Oracle app?

For duty of care reasons, prior to departure, all travellers on University business are required to download the Healix Sentinel app to receive advice and support while travelling.

Healix has produced a guide which explains how to download the app. There is also a guide to the website. It's important to note that the policy number to be used when registering is UOP203134, which is a unique University of Portsmouth access code.

While abroad, travellers will need to switch on the app's GPS tracking so that it can actively monitor risk in that country and support be provided if the situation presents a risk to the traveller.

Incidental Travel

Sometimes insured people will request extensions to their travel insurance to provide cover for holiday trips in conjunction with formal trips for work or exchange.

Insurers consider it reasonable to extend a business trip, before or after the trip for a number of days depending on the duration of the business trip. For example if there was a trip to Paris commencing on a Wednesday it would be fine to extend the stay over the following weekend or travel a few days early including stopping off en-route either to or from the trip.

Incidental days does not intend to accommodate what would normally be considered to be stand-alone holiday cover, or personal travel to a different country where you are undertaking university business. The following guide may be used, but to discuss any particular trip details you are unsure about, please contact insurancesupport@port.ac.uk.

The number of holiday days that can be taken according to business trip length is as follows:

  • 0 holiday days on a business trip of less than 5 days
  • 2 holiday days on a business trip of 5–12 days
  • 5 holiday days on a business trip of 13–21 days
  • 8 holiday days on a business trip of 22–35 days
  • 12 holiday days on a business trip of 36–50 days
  • 16 holiday days on a business trip of 51–65 days
  • 20 holiday days on a business trip of 66–80 days
  • 23 holiday days on a business trip of 81–100
  • 25 holiday days on a business trip of 101–365 days
  • 28 holidays days on a business trip of over 365 days

There is no cover for pure holidays or for accompanying friends and family member whereby personal travel insurance arrangements will need to be made.

We purchase Employers Liability, Public Liability and Professional Indemnity insurance to cover the wide range of University activities our staff and students are a part of:

You should look for this document if you need evidence of the our liability insurance arrangements, such as working with research collaborators, exhibition organisers, visitors or schools who are asking us to host work experience students.

Important Information for Claimant Solicitors

We expect that notification of claims from Solicitors or Claimant Representatives will be sent by an electronic Claim Notification Form (CNF) submitted direct to our Insurers through the Department of Justice Claims Portal.

Portal Compensator ID: D00019

The University purchases comprehensive insurance for all University owned, hired or leased vehicles whilst used in the UK.

Hire companies or other authorities who require evidence of our insurance should view the Motor Insurance Certificate: