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Managing Health and Safety

Managing health and safety is all about sensibly managing risks to protect our people and our places.

As part of managing the health, safety and well-being within the University, risks in the workplace, on campus and across all our activities, to protect our people and places our risks must be effectively managed, controlled and mitigated where possible. To do this, our people at all levels, must understand the range of health and safety risks within their activities and their localities and give proportionate attention to each of them. Protecting the health and safety of our people and those who may be affected by your activities, is an essential part of health and safety management.


Why is it important?

It’s good to know the benefits, so we’ve listed 10 reasons why health and safety is important.

It is morally right to ensure our people return home safe and healthy at the end of every day.

By protecting our people, absences are reduced, disruption is minimized, ethos is improved, ensuring that our people are more efficient, productive and enjoy our University.

Research shows that people are more productive at work and learning when they are committed to health and safety.

To attract students, investors, partnerships and talent we need to demonstrate our commitment to sustainability, corporate social responsibility, a safe and secure campus and healthy people, which includes how we protect you.

A good health and safety performance, enables us to be innovative and creative, increasing our capacity and ability to focus on new opportunities.

Provides a foundation of trust and confidence for our people, investors and partners.

A good health and safety record, is a source of competitive advantage: it builds trust in our reputation and brand, while poor health and safety performance will directly affect profitability.

Improved wellbeing, job satisfaction, student experience and campus climate.

Good health and safety, secures long-term benefits for our people, our places, our business and our community.

Improved quality of our offering to our people supporting our success stories.

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