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Board of governors

Find out more about our Board of Governors and their recent meetings

This page sets out the role and responsibilities of our Board of Governors. You can also visit our who's who page to find out more about the individuals that sit on our board.

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Why do we have a Board of Governors?

The University of Portsmouth gained its university status in July 1992. With this new status came the requirement that the University must operate in accordance with its Articles of Government and Instrument of Government, as approved by the Privy Council. The Board of Governors has ultimate responsibility for all University activities and for ensuring the efficient management of those activities.

The following documents outline how the Board of Governors is governed, their primary responsibilities, and the Standing Orders of the Board and its Committees:

What does the Board of Governors do?

The Board of Governors is collectively responsible for determining the learning environment and mission of the University and for the direction of its activities. This includes a responsibility for determining the ongoing strategic plan of the University and for ensuring that the institution is being managed effectively.

The Board of Governors discharges its responsibilities in accordance with the Committee of University Chairs (CUC) Code of Governance, which sets out its responsibilities for strategic planning, finance, audit, estate management, charitable status and public business.

The CUC Higher Education Code of Governance (2020 Revision) encourages Institutions to include a Code of Conduct within their governing documents. The University of Portsmouth Code of Conduct lists the various documents which make reference, implicitly and explicitly, to the standards of behaviour required of its governors.

In taking forward its responsibilities, the Board observes the seven principles of public life:

  • Selflessness
  • Integrity
  • Objectivity
  • Accountability
  • Openness
  • Honesty
  • Leadership

Who is on the Board of Governors?

The Board of Governors includes external governors, staff governors, student governors and the Vice-Chancellor. You can find out more about the current membership of the Board of Governors on our who’s who page.

What are the Board of Governors' committees?

The Board of Governors conducts its work through a number of committees which report to the main Board:

You can find out more about these committees and view the minutes of recent committee meetings on our committees page.

When do we meet?

The Board of Governors normally meets five times per year: in October, November, January, March, and July.

The Governors' committees each meet between four to six times per year.

You can find out more about the upcoming Board of Governors and committee meeting dates in the following document:

Board of Governors meeting agendas

Board meeting agendas from the current academic year and the two academic years preceding it can be found here.

Board of Governors minutes

Board minutes from the current academic year and the two academic years preceding it can be found here.

Board of Governors register of interests

The following document details the declared interests of members of the Board of Governors:

Full information and guidance regarding the Register of Interests can be found in our Declaration of Interests Policy.