The University’s curriculum structure is predominantly based on term modules, but with some exceptions. Therefore, please check with the Exchanges and Study Abroad Team that your chosen subject modules are available for proposed study duration. It is important that you read and make sure you understand this disclaimer. In the event that you become a student at the University of Portsmouth, this becomes part of any contract between you and the University and you will be bound by its terms.

You are advised to check the University website for the most up-to-date information at all times and/or contact the University for further details if you are at any time uncertain of information.

We (the University of Portsmouth) have checked the information in this publication and believe that it is accurate at the time of writing (May 2019). However, course and module details and other information may change over time, either where changes are unavoidable through, for example, staff changes or where it is believed that the changes would be beneficial to the course such as updating the course to reflect changes in the discipline or industry.

The University will take all reasonable steps to minimise the impact of any changes on students. Applicants for such courses will be informed of any significant changes with as much notice as possible so the effects can be considered by you. It is your responsibility to confirm that the course you wish to study is suitable for your needs, interests and abilities, and that the service, support and facilities provided by the University of Portsmouth meet your requirements. If you accept the offer of a place on one of our courses the responsibility for doing so and for any costs which you may incur is yours alone.

We will endeavour to deliver courses and modules in keeping with the course and module descriptions on our website, but reserve the right to change the content, timetabling, administration and other organisation of courses, subject to maintaining equivalent academic and quality standards.

From time to time the modules you have selected may not be available due to timetabling clashes, spaces on the modules, prerequisites requirements and module or course availability. The University will work with you to find alternative arrangements that are suitable for you and in such instances will support you in securing approval from your home institution to undertake the alternative modules.

The United Kingdom's withdrawal from the European Union may mean that courses which are accredited by professional bodies are not recognised within the EU in the same way as they have been historically. If you have any queries in relation to the impact of Brexit on your specific course please contact the University and we will be happy to give you guidance and information relevant to your circumstances.

We do not accept responsibility if we are unable to fulfil our commitments through circumstances beyond our control. These include (by way of example but not limitation) illness, industrial action, civil emergencies or the actions of third parties. We will always try, however, where possible, to make alternative arrangements to fulfil our commitments to you.