Where our money comes from

We get our income from various sources:

  • Approximately 81% is from tuition fees and education contracts
  • 9% is from government (funding council) grants
  • 10% is from other income sources (including halls of residence and catering)

Income in 2020/21

Income type Amount (in £)
Tuition fees and education contracts 230,506,660
Funding council grants 27,792,220
Research grants and contracts 11,283,720
Other income 11,931,110
Endowment and investment income 1,027,100
Total 282,540,810

How we spend our money

In 2020/21, we spent £208 million (77% of the spending total on academic departments and services, student bursaries and hardship funds and staff and student facilities.

We spent a further 9% (£24 million) on the maintenance of buildings and facilities.

Discover how our expenditure impacts the local economy.

Expenditure in 2020/21

Expenditure type Amount (in £)
Running academic departments 137,327,000
Providing academic services 42,370,000
Costs of academic research 9,416,000
Bursaries and hardship funds 6,841,000
Staff and student facilities 21,001,000
Maintaining our buildings and facilities 23,934,000
Providing residences and catering 5,211,000
Other operating costs 6,695,000
Other 16,758,000
Total 269,553,000